What Home Owners Are Saying:

I recommend!

5.0 rating
June 27, 2016

Norris Vassell, owner of Norkal Construction transformed an unfinished basement, staircase, and other incomplete areas of my home into beautiful living spaces; his added creative touches and suggestions produced a classy final home interior. The company completed the projects in a timely manner and as scheduled. Although, additional requests were made during the project, Mr. Vassell maintained a calm demeanor throughout the entire project to satisfy the homeowner’s change orders. I would be happy to utilize his craftsmanship again and also recommend him to work on similar home improvement projects.

Cheryl A.

I highly recommend them

5.0 rating
June 5, 2016

“I have retained Norris Vassell and his firm, Norkal Construction, several times. I find now that whenever I have a job, Norris is the first contractor I consult and that I seek out other consultants only if Norris is too busy for a particular job. There are a number of reasons why I go first to Norris. While of course a quote for work is understood to be an estimate, Norris’s jobs come in on, or near, the amount quoted in almost every case, with the natural exception of hidden defects that increase work and materials required for a job. Projects are completed fast and, what I find is partially rare among contractors, with remarkably little mess. The workmanship is of a high quality. Indeed, Norris is a bit of a perfectionist and on occasion I found he performed additional work not quoted – and not charged – because he felt it made the project complete. One can scarcely complain about that!
In sum, I have found that Norris is the very model of a professional and highly competent contractor. On a personal level he is charming, affable and easy with which to work. Those attribute make project easier. He also is always ready with sensible design suggestions that save money on projects and enhance the aesthetic of the finished work. In a world of business in which give acceptable service Norris and Norkal Construction really stands out. I highly recommend them”.

Daniel Meade Smith

I use for all of my properties.

5.0 rating
June 1, 2016

“Norkal Consruction is an extremely professional and dependable company. The work you’re asking to be done is analyzed by Mr. Vassell to ensure that nothing required of that work is missed. Norkal Construction is very timely in the performance of the work in question and Mr. Vassell will keep you informed of the progress that is being made or if he foresees other problems that may occur. As compared to my past experiences with previous renovation companies, I believe that this company is an honorable, trustworthy, and reliable company.
Mr. Vassell is someone who you will be able to speak to and you will be comfortable with in asking for the work you need done without feeling that you’re going to be ripped-off. He will discuss several options with you, if needed, keeping you informed of the various steps needed to complete the work. Mr. Vassell will also ensure that the work of his employee’s are doing the best job for your benefits. He will also make sure that the performance of his work is within the means of the law, if required.
I use this company on a regular basis for all of my properties. No job too small, no job too hard! I think you will be a satisfied customer using Norkal Construction”.

Gerrie M. H

Mr Norris Vassell is an Expert

5.0 rating
May 11, 2016

“Mr Norris Vassell and his Norkal Construction Company — A subject Matter Expert, he is Highly Skilled, Very reliable, Competitive pricing, Customer Focused, A Construction and; remodeling Professional who have completed my interior home remodeling project on schedule and right within budget!! I will definitely refer other prospective customers to him”.

Bobby Lyew

I strongly recommend Norkal

5.0 rating
May 27, 2015

“Like all home owners, I attempted to fix a plumbing problem in my home. In my attempt, I damaged the house shut off valve for the water supply. I needed a company to handle problem immediately, and also capable of handling it if the problem grew any larger. I called Mr. Vassell of Norkal, and he came to my home within hours. Within few hours the problem was fixed and I had my water service with minimum down time”.
I strongly recommend Norkal if you need a company for personal and reliable service.

A. Johnson