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Remodeling a bathroom, Kitchen, or considering a new home addition? Let us help you update your home within budget!

Our primary focus objective is to provide our customers with the highest quality service, with a strong emphasis on ethics, schedules and cost control. NorKal Construction, LLC is located in Glenn Dale Maryland, serves Communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. We believe customer services is priority one, and we will guide you through all phases of the project including the material selection process. Take a closer look at the services we provide.



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Remodeling a bathroom or considering a new home addition? Let us help you update your home within budget!


Mr Vassell does incredible work. A few days after i bought my house, I contacted Mr. Vassell in hope of getting some renovation done before I move in. The biggest project end up being the bathroom reno. I chose a floating vanity, Mr Vassell called me immediately and let me know that the existing vinyl flooring did not cover the entire floor. In the end I chose to redo the floors in the bathrooms. Even with the set back, all the renovation were completed in a timely manner before I moved in.Even after the job was completed, he has checked in to make sure everything is still looking good. For future redo jobs I will be calling Mr Vassell again. His work was beyond my expectations.
Schen Gordon
May 06, 2020
I used Norkal on two different occasions, fiest time to renovate and paint my barn. Mr Vassell's attention to details and work dillegence resonated greatly with me, thus the reason I ask him to paint the bathrooms. I love the outcome of both projects so much that I have recommended Norkal to many friends and colleagues.
Errol Sanderson
June 06, 2020
I have used Norkal for a couple of small projects upon my return and was struck by Mr. Vassell’s attention to detail and ability to develop creative workarounds to address seemingly unsalvageable issues.
Bancroft Gordon
November 22, 2018
I am a first time homeowner and this was my first time inquiring about any work being done to my new home. I was nervous but Norkal construction eased my anxiety and exceeded my expectation. Mr vassell knocked out 3 bedroom ceiling fan in 1 day of work! and I 'm talking about from scratch; that means he went into the attic, ran the electrical cables, creates the base, installed the ballast, etc. I couldn't be any more impressed. the work was done in time for my fiance and kids to come home and feel the new breeze. Will definitely be using Norkal's services for future projects. two Thumbs up!
Mauricio Chapman
June 04 2020
I received an estimate in a very timely manner and the work began immediately thereafter. I am very satisfied with the timeliness and professionalism, as well as the quality of work.
Jacqueline Hamilton
November 6, 2018
In less than 24 hours of my request Mr. Vassal was able to complete Outstanding work at my house. During the job, I noticed Mr. Norris checking every detail for perfection and he did just that!
Delighted Dooris
June 9, 2018
I too have used Norkal services for repair work inside and outside my home and did appreciate the ease of scheduling and the on time completion of the repairs. Based on my satisfaction, I strongly recommend Norkal Construction for home repairs and improvement.
Pierre Mcleod
December 13, 2017
“I have used the services of Norkal Construction on several occasions, for home and rental property maintenance and repair. Services rendered included; interior painting, dry wall repair and restoration, kitchen cabinet modification, and various exterior repairs . In all projects undertaken, the company has provided professional, timely and efficient services, at a cost effective rate. Furthermore, the deliver superior craftsmanship”.
Frank Lubsey
December 24, 2017
Norkal Construction did a complete renovation of my basement. All the work performed throughout the project is of the high standard and I enjoyed working with him and all of his sub-contractors.
Yvette Turner
April 6, 2018
I have been a long- time client of Norkal Construction. Mr. Vassell has a great depth of knowledge and experience in construction and remodeling , these qualities are evident in his work. He is extremely helpful in offering suggestions for your home projects and I like the fact that he pays close attention to minute details.
Kevin Brathwaite M.D.
September 09, 2016
Norris Vassell, owner of Norkal Construction transformed an unfinished basement, staircase, and other incomplete areas of my home into beautiful living spaces; his added creative touches and suggestions produced a classy final home interior. The company completed the projects in a timely manner and as scheduled. Although, additional requests were made during the project, Mr. Vassell maintained a calm demeanor throughout the entire project to satisfy the homeowner’s change orders. I would be happy to utilize his craftsmanship again and also recommend him to work on similar home improvement projects.
Cheryl Adams
June 27, 2016
“Mr Norris Vassell and his Norkal Construction Company — A subject Matter Expert, he is Highly Skilled, Very reliable, Competitive pricing, Customer Focused, A Construction and; remodeling Professional who have completed my interior home remodeling project on schedule and right within budget!! I will definitely refer other prospective customers to him”.
Bobby Lyewsang
April 11, 2016
“Like all home owners, I attempted to fix a plumbing problem in my home. In my attempt, I damaged the house shut off valve for the water supply. I needed a company to handle problem immediately, and also capable of handling it if the problem grew any larger. I called Mr. Vassell of Norkal, and he came to my home within hours. Within few hours the problem was fixed and I had my water service with minimum down time”. I strongly recommend Norkal if you need a company for personal and reliable service.
Alexander Johnson
May 27, 2015

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